Monday, October 14, 2013

How Do You Bring This Type Of Energy To Film?

I have a plan. :) How cool if I could get Tiesto, DeadMau5, Markus or one of the guys from Nero to do a cameo as the DJ in the thing.

Anyway, we're no longer going with the short film. Now working the feature screenplay into a production. So everything is being built again from scratch. Pitching one person every couple of days (new ball game). 

But the ante got upped, so I'll try to update this from here on with some of those turns.

The writer-director. Shhhh. Lol.

Friday, April 26, 2013

The Audience. The Energy. The Music.

As an actor who auditioned for the short will attest to, I'm a big DANCE MUSIC head. But when I began creating "Glo," I wanted this process to be fun for all those involved, starting with me, and I always revert to 'music,' when I think fun. Why I came up with clubs and dance music as the back drop for Glo. I knew we'd have 'fun,' shooting it! :) And we will, tons. Especially when we watch the dancers and DJs do their thing and bop along. Bop? Is that the right term? Lolol. Anyway. Ultra Dance Music Festival combined with some inspiring performers on the NYC club scene inspired some of the thinking behind the main female character. And I think shooting her scenes along with her interactive scenes with the male lead will make this a quick and interesting shoot. Especially, if we get the performers we're shooting for. As far as the DJs for the soundtrack, there are sooooooo many super talented DJs about. Some of which I follow and a big fan of, but I hope to collaborate with a great sound supervisor or another producer with an insane ear for dance music. Or there are several DJ/composers I think could handle the entire film. Anyway, I hope we'll also attract the dance music audiences of the Colorado and Ultra Dance Music festivals. As I also want those who simply enjoy good entertainment to be able to come to this film and be on a ride while following some of the challenges of my characters and story. Those already interested in dance or dance music (here and internationally) will really enjoy this one. It's going to be fascinating to engage them, while telling a story that reaches for the jugular and holds on for years to come. Ambitious I know. But my hair is short, there is no hair to fall out. So why not? ~Tanyeno, Director

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Glo The Film

Work Begins on the Film again. It's 2013 and a new year. Moving forward. Thank-you to everyone who keeps up with all involved!

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Deadmau5 - The prototype of DJ/Dance music in Glo

The other dream, for the soundtrack. Have a listen, then envision the Go Go dancer doing her numbers to his music. I imagine the choreographer will have a BALL. Glo Director, Tanyeno Wotorson

Friday, May 25, 2012


Simone Sobers is... the choreographer we hope to work with on "Glo." She will be choreographing all the dance pieces in the film (main character's fiance a Go -Go dancer, meaning she dances in crafty outfits to dance music and the transgender artist's dance installation works). We are very, very, excited about bringing this extraordinary choreographer's works to film and think it will lift the characterizations off the screen, rousing the audience to a state they rarely visit. __ Please help support the director's vision on screen in this film by donating to our online fundraiser (as low as a dollar on up to, well you decide). After the film is completed we have plans to distribute it via film festivals across the United States and maybe produce a larger piece (if it catches on enough) for movie theaters. Thank-you for visiting our blog and please make sure to DONATE: Follow us here if you have a blog, on twitter, even on Facebook and spread the word if you can! If you tell one friend, you've spread the word. Thank-you again! Twitter:!/glothefilm Facebook:

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Dance Parade + Dance Fest

We were out at Dance Parade yesterday, then continued on to the Dance Fest promoting the film.

We watched some of the performances, met some people who wanted to make connections but mostly talked to people then handing them a flyer explaining what we were doing.

About 70% of the people we approached took our flyer and/or talked to us with the other 30% ignoring or flat out saying no before we could pitch or engage them in anyway. But we hope a percentage of those who came actually find the RocketHub. As we need to raise money to do this film, so we need some donations to our RocketHub:

Still, it was fun to be out & about, to see what was happening, connect with seemingly open hearts.

tribal dancing Pictures, Images and Photos
photo from landsa612 on photobucket

Campaigning and fundraising continues. 

Wednesday, May 9, 2012



Glo the film is presently planning to use the webpage to host an online forum concerning transgender based bias. We will have guest speakers speak about their experiences which you can respond to or expound upon, then they will further respond to open up a dialogue about this.

Please stay tuned!

And if you're interested in donating to our narrative film about bias do so here:

Glo Team